Makila Wind


Makila Wind is a Creator, Healer and Artist


Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Videographer, Photographer. Makila manages Yuba Sun Productions Studio, Solo Performances and Live Band Analog Dragon.

Makila loves to compose powerful songs that traverse genres and bring people together.

Join Makila as he creates rich, preforms epic original Piano Compositions, and produces recordings, Photo and video content.  

Makila has played with artists such as, Shimshai, Lucas Nelson & the Promise of the Real, David Block, Matthew Human, Vir McCoy, Tony GlaserLindsay Bellows, Basel Khoury, Fantuzzi, Wonderfunk, and Many More


Makila is a highly trained healing with an active practice that includes many modalities that can be all combined in powerful ways or experienced in there purity. 

 Makila Wind offers Comprehensive and skilled Theta Healing.

 In depth Emotional and Energetic Support, mental patterning re-programming techniques.

 Relaxing Meditations, Sound Healing, Body Work and Energetic Healing, Clearing and Re-Organizing.

 Guided flow states, movement practices, nature re-wilding and connection. Yogic Classes, Courses, & Retreats.

 Trauma Healing

 Life coaching, guidance, and ceremony which can accompany the powerful elements of, Past Life and Past State Regression Experiences. Ancestor Guidance, Clearings and Communication.

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